Civic Cup 2020 Registration & Entry Form

Please complete the registration & entry form to ensure you have registered for the Civic Cup and for each round you wish to enter.

Please note, you can complete this form once, entering all rounds and pay for them ahead of each round.

Please complete the form below whether you are registering for the season or entering a round.

Driver Details

Next Of Kin

Competition Details For Drivers

Vehicle Details

Team / Entrant Details (if different to drivers details)

Media Details - used for commentators so please complete as much as you can.

Race Entry Fee

Please tick all the relevant boxes for the events you wish to enter for 2020

Please note: Entry is not confirmed until payment is received.
If I wish to register for the Civic Cup Championship, I agree to be bound to the rules, Sporting and Technical Regulations, terms and conditions of the Civic Racing Club Ltd, Civic Cup Championship, MSA and organising clubs. I acknowledge that I have read the Motorsport UK (formerly MSA) Yearbook (the ‘Bluebook’) and the relevant Championship Regulations and Bulletins. I understand that Civic Cup membership includes membership of the BRSCC. I confirm that I have read and understood the privacy statement and how data will be used and shared.

Payment Details:

Sort Code: 40-12-24

Bank Account: 91414011