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When it comes to building a race car- whatever the championship- it is sometimes difficult to weight up which parts, prep, and modifications are beneficial and which are not.

None more so than the Civic Cup.

Being such a tightly controlled Championship, yet being so high in driver calibre, its essential to eek out every bit of performance possible. The great thing about the Civic Cup is that after a base pack of bolt on parts, the majority of performance gains are to be found in two areas- chassis tuning and driver development- not by excessive spending.

So over the next few months we will be undertaking build diaries of a range of civics, eligible to drive in the championship, addressing some of the inherent issues when building a race car- weight reduction, chassis rigidity, power creation and delivery, and chassis dynamics. We will detail the cost, required tools, time taken and ultimately the benefit to you, the driver.

Then, once the build diary is complete, we will be addressing wet and dry baseline setups, corner weighting and its massive importance in a race car, ongoing maintenance and preventative maintenance, and preparing for the race weekend.

The first car in line for this treatment is the FN2.

Being the newer of the eligible class B 2000cc cars, the FN2 has not historically been as popular as the older eligible model- the EP3. This has primarily been due to cost, but over recent months the used value has dropped to a level where costs are almost comparable. 

So over the following weeks we will strip, and prepare an FN2 race car, which will then be run in the Championship.


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Snetterton proved to be another positive weekend for the SW Motorsports drivers, with David Buky, Tim Evans and Andrew Hough all finishing strongly in both races.

Out of the trio, it was Buky who was the fastest during qualifying, with his time of 2:19.84 putting him 18th on the grid, two places ahead of Hough, while Tim Evans’ time of 2:21.42 put him 23rd on the grid.

It was all change as far as the first race went though. An early exit for class A championship contender Mark Anderson, who was the fastest of the class in qualifying, opened up an epic battle between the remaining five drivers in class A, a battle which was won by Tim Evans, who hung on to clinch a popular win, while David Buky and Andrew Hough finished fourth and fifth in class.

Speaking to him at the end of the race, Tim Evans was elated with the race result:

“That was possibly one of the best races I’ve had for a long time. I qualified very poorly and I think I was last in class off the line, but I think it was one of those races where I happened to be in the right place at the right time – I had to have my eyes in the back of my head as well as it was a very close battle but we stuck to it, got our heads down and picked them off one by one.

“It was good for me because when it all settled down I was leading the class and I saw Matty [Bolton] behind, Houghy behind, Buky behind and Chris Coomer as well and they were all battling amongst themselves which was great for me as I started to pull a bit of a gap and tried to maintain that. Houghy had a bit of a go at me at the end of the straight, that was probably the biggest lunge on me from those guys but luckily for me, and unluckily for him, he got a tap from behind and I stayed leading the class to the line which was great! Obviously I’m hoping for the same again in the second race. There was a little bit of confusion at the end of that one as someone come over and said ‘you’ve got pole’ with the top ten being reversed, but I’ve just been told I’m 11th so little bit gutted but we’ll see how we go”.

Sadly for Tim, he was not able to make it two wins out of two, with the class A win going to Chris Coomer. There was better news for both David Buky and Andrew Hough though, with the pair finishing third and fourth in class respectively behind Tim Evans.

Talking to championship leader David Buky at the end of the weekend, he summed up his feelings from the latest rounds at Snetterton and his hopes for the season finale at Donington Park.

“It’s not been a bad weekend, it didn’t go too bad at all. Tim Evans has done really well this weekend and gained some good points towards the championship, and he’s one of the main competitors for the championship! Unfortunately Mark Anderson has had really bad luck this time around getting swiped out of the first race and not being able to start race 2 which has obviously had a big impact on his chance of winning the championship and I’ve managed to finish in front of Andy Hough in both races which I’m pleased with. My aim this weekend was to try and extend my point advantage from Andy as prior to Snetterton he was running second in the championship.

“The first race was really unfortunate because my brakes actually failed going into the hairpin when I was going for second place. I was closing down on the lead so that was a bit disappointing and I felt I had the pace to battle for the win! After the race we found that the brake pads had actually disintegrated and the pad had come off the actual back plate leaving only a quarter of the pad intact! Despite that I got stuck back in and had some great races with the other class A lads and managed a fourth place.

“The second race was again really good, I’d got into second if not first in class by the second corner and then some of the EP3’s had a bit of a coming together in front of me leaving me nowhere to go and I had to go around the outside on the grass which put me back down in fourth position in class. Matty Bolton was close behind and we had some good racing! One minute he was tailing me up the main back straight then next thing I saw him go straight on and missed the corner. I was closing in on Tim Evans and on what I thought was the last lap I got a better exit out the last corner going down the main straight, we were having like a drag like, I’d managed to get past him and they were waving a black and white flag and I thought it was the chequered flag so I momentarily lifted off the accelerator. Tim managed to get back past into turn 1 and that meant Andy was now very close behind. I had to defend from Andy on the last lap and that meant Tim was able to gain a comfortable gap, fortunately I finished third and grabbed the last spot on the podium.

“All in all it was a very good race with all the class A cars! In regards to the next race I really want to go for a win at Donington, that’s the main aim as well as the championship title of course”.

Written by Alan Faulkner

Photo Credit: Aaron Lupton


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Oli Withington is hoping for another strong weekend at his home track for the final two rounds of the Tegiwa Civic Cup, after claiming two top ten finishes during rounds 11 and 12 at Snetterton.

Oli underwent a mammoth task to get his FN2 machine out in time for Snetterton, after suffering a huge accident previously at Silverstone, which resulted in a heavily damaged car and a visit to hospital with neck injuries.

After a lot of hard work behind the scenes, the car was ready to race again, and delivered the results, which Oli was undoubtedly pleased about:

“I’m really happy with how this weekend’s gone for us, the guys that have worked on it at Auto Works and my brother have done an amazing job putting a new rear axle on and pulled the rear end out. It’s performed really well, it’s just the gear box that’s let us down but we’ll come back stronger for Donington, it’s my home track so we’ll see how we do.

“The last race didn’t work out as planned, third gear went so we had to make do with what we had, second and fourth gear, so that wasn’t great but we got two top ten finishes, I’m really happy with that – can’t really grumble with that given that it’s only the third meeting that we’ve done with the car and given what happened at Silverstone we’ve got to be thankful really”.

After bouncing back from his accident and putting in a good performance, Oli has now turned his attention to the season finale at Donington Park, and has pointed out his hopes for the last two races of the season:

“Expectations and finishing positions are different but I expect to get a top ten finish again in the final two rounds at Donington but we’ll see what happens. If I can progress further than that then that’d be great. I think we could have done well in that last race with starting fourth if the gearbox hadn’t gone but we’ll see. It’s my home track, I love it, it’s a good track and I know it so there shouldn’t be any excuses, it’ll be driver error if I don’t do any good!”

Written and interviewed by Alan Faulkner

Photo Credit: Aaron Lupton


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Mark Anderson was the best of the class A cars last weekend at Silverstone achieving a staggering 1:20.95 lap time in Qualifying, with an average of 82.27mph, lining up 10th overall in his EK9 Honda Civic, while David Buky was second fastest in 17th place and team mate Andrew Hough in 19th.

Anderson also achieved fastest lap in Class A in the rain with a 1:24.80 lap.

Mark Anderson’s 9th place finish was enough for him to take the win in the class A standings, saying at the end of the race:
“It was a tricky race – it wasn’t overly damp at the start of the race, I got a fairly decent start on the first lights-out and then second time around I don’t think I got quite as good a start but managed to make a couple of places up, then lost a couple of places and had some tight racing with James Griffith in the FN2 which was quite good but then it just started getting slippery over at Stowe and then it wasn’t too bad at the end of the start/finish straight, there was still grip there and then all of a sudden the rain just turned on and it was hard. It’s a shame it got red-flagged early, I hope the guy’s alright but still I got the class win so I’ll take that. I don’t know where I finished overall in that one so I don’t know what the grid layout is for the second race. If it stays consistently wet then we’ll change the setup and try and really soften it off to see if we can find a bit of grip and just hope for a good result and a clean race”.

In the class A standings, it was Danny Winstanley who crossed the line in first, but after deciding not to take the win and the points, the race win instead went to Mark Anderson, while Tim Evans returned to the podium ahead of championship leader David Buky.

This certainly looks to be a very close battle for the Class A championship title with just 2 Rounds to go, at Snetterton then Donnington Park respectively.

Report Chris Withington/Alan Faulkner
Image Chris Withington photographer