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Well we moved on to Croft for rounds 5 and 6 this month.

Earlier in the month I volunteered to join some other drivers who’d been engine sealed for testing at the rolling road to prove my car was within power.

All were very similar within a few bhp, but I believe the findings will be published at a later date.
Anyway the car was given a bit more toe out for the hairpins this weekend as there are kind of two at croft.

Brake pads were from brands Hatch and in testing I ran the same tyres also.

For qualifying I put on new tyres £180, testing and racing I used 65 litres of fuel, £70, and also not necessary but bought 2 gopros with a wired in system to switch on, one camera forward and one back,, £430…

I qualified 4th .4 behind Sam Tordoff from the BTCC, with swifty quite a bit further ahead…

Race 1 I came second holding off an ever persistent Mr Tordoff certainly a career high. I dont know another clubman championship where we get the opportunity do do that- rub shoulders with Current Touring Car drivers.
Race 2 I started 9th (reverse grid) and after gaining a few places I made a silly mistake and had a spin, it took me an age to start the car, and way back in last I caught and past a few to get nine points…

So costings, van fuel £130, race fuel £70, new tyres £180, testing £165, and race entry £265
Totalling £810

So on a meagre budget I am still second in the championship and have to say it’s a great championship to be racing in, value for money at club level it has to be the best…


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Jons run down of his second meeting of the season- Brands Hatch.

Brands Hatch rounds 3 and 4-

After a geo change due to the tightness of brands, I tested there on the Friday, had a driveshaft boot fail, so changed shaft for a spare used one i had. Tyres- I ran the old ones to save cost. 

Qualifying was an evolving affair- the track going from mostly wet to mostly dry so the key was really being the last man over the line with clear air in front. I was in P2 for a while on the damp track but failed to get clear air in the latst couple of laps, comin in at P8- respectable but not where i wanted to be starting. 

Race 1- I changed tyres back to  the Oulton new ones, fronts to back to make sure i was getting best bang for buck out of them.

In the race 1went from 8th to 2nd in 2 laps, holding 2nd until my gear linkage popped off, coming 7th.- frustrated not to hold 2nd, but overall im still in good points and the linkage cable was an easy fix ( it had literally popped off) 

Race 2- started 4th due to reverse grid, and made it up to 3rd securing my second podium. 

Costs, £240 test day, £70 van fuel, 80 litres petrol test and races, £330 entry fees, cv boot £15, total costs £735.00

Really enjoying the close, tightly regulated racing of the Civic Cup- and in paddock atmosphere is as good as it gets. And bagged another trophy- 2 for 2! This is what clubman motor racing is all about.

See you at Croft in a month!!


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Heres Jons summary of his first race weekend at Oulton Park.

Oulton Park round 1 and 2

Testing went well in the dry and after a rebuild and setup (done at home) the car performed great, I also changed my driving style, in the wet I was much more confident and was turning in some reasonable lap times, car felt smooth and secure. 

Qualifying was in the wet and I put it P3. There was more in it but was pleased and secure and has taken no damage and car was seamless throughout.

Race 1- I came 2nd- on a damp track. I was in new territory but felt really pleased with my performance. on a grid of approx 30 cars with some seasoned and well respected drivers- i was chuffed with the result. Car felt great. 

Due to our reverse top 10 for race 2- to save adding success ballast, i started in 9th. Track was now dry so the lap times were much sharper and people were naturally closer to the cars true performance levels. I used new tyres on the front for race 2- my previous ones were still on from Silverstone last year, and rears are still on from Donington (rear wear is minimal as with most FWD race cars). To save on season costs, i cycle tyres front to back, run for a while, and sell as part worns ( as we get subsidised rates on tyres the quick resale of used tyres on ebay, etc usually bring me £30-£40 per tyre back- meaning tyres only actually cost £50-£60 by the time theyre done). Ended up in P4- proper pleased with the weekends racing. Adverse conditions didnt dampen the Civic Cup paddock atmosphere- all mucking in to help out those with damage or mechanical issues. 

Costs total of the weekend:

Race entry £330, 2 new tyres £190, 60 ltrs fuel £80, van fuel for travelling £100, and £200 for the friday full day test 

Total Spent £900 (including new tyres)


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So tonight was the first of many to come the big strip has begun.

The Donor car, incidentally, is a 2008 FN2 in black, with 70,000 miles. It had been in a cat C bump so had some creasing in the rear boot floor and a rreasonably well done repair on the passenger rear quarter. For a road car perhaps a bit tatty, but for a race car- absolutely fine. We purchased the car for £3750.

On with the strip- firstly, we disconnect and remove the battery- i dont fancy any airbags blownig my fingers off tonight..

Boot plastics stripped first, then rear seats, front seats.

Rear door cards, boot plastics, and seatbelts, then front door cards.

Because we will be doing away with the electric windows and glass, the doors are stripped completely- ready for cutting out. Keep all door and boot seals- for the little weight they will cost, they keep the car dry in wet races and therefore are worth their 1kg or so combined weight. Also keep the door catch mechanisms- we can slim these down later before refitting.

Next, remove the centre console and lower dash, then carpet. The easiest way to do this is to make two cuts under where the centre console sat where the carpet goes around the base stays of the dash. This way it can be pulled out in a single piece and then sold off to bring some cash back for the build. 

Now we can, for the first time, get a look at the naked interior of the FN2, and make some plans on what stays and what goes. The rear quarters will be cut out- to save weight and also give better access to rear quarters for any damage repair. The boot will be single skinned, along with doors as previously mentioned. All unused internal brackets will be removed. We need to figure out where/ how the seat mounts will be placed- the tank being under the middle of the floor presents a far less simple blank canvas than the beautifully flat floored EP3.

Wiring loom is disconnected and removed back to the dash.

Handbrake removed topside. 

Other observations- sound deadening- loads of it.. We will try a few methods of removal later on and feed back which were the most effective removal methods. 

Also, because we will be building a lightweight wiring loom, the entire OEM loom will be removed, intact, to enable harvesting of any required connectors, etc. 

Parts harvested for resale:

Seats, carpet, doorcards, window regulators, parcel shelf- £590

Next session plans- headlining, upper dash and loom, heater matrix, and remainder or behind dash.

Hours Spent Today- 4

Hours Spent Total-  4   

Total Spent-           £3750 (donor car)

Total back-             £  590

Net Cost-               £3160