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With the 2017 season almost upon us, we are excited to announce that MRF Tyres will be partnering the Civic Cup for the upcoming season.  MRF’s passion for motorsports is seen through its involvement in racing, karting, rallying and various other motorsport events. Its rallying team has won the prestigious FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship twice and even in international championships, MRF karting tyres homologated by FIA, is the preferred choice.  

MRF Uk are the designated tyre supplier to the Civic Cup.

Worknig with MRF over a period of years, we have developed a great working relationship, combining their expertise and our constand feedback.

The 2017 tyre of choice for the Championship is the MRF Track Day  ZZT

Using the latest technology, the ZZT boasts massive performance for the race track, yet has excellent wear rating and offers good performance, both in wet and dry conditions- which enables our drivers to not have to run separate wets and drys.