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Well we moved on to Croft for rounds 5 and 6 this month.

Earlier in the month I volunteered to join some other drivers who’d been engine sealed for testing at the rolling road to prove my car was within power.

All were very similar within a few bhp, but I believe the findings will be published at a later date.
Anyway the car was given a bit more toe out for the hairpins this weekend as there are kind of two at croft.

Brake pads were from brands Hatch and in testing I ran the same tyres also.

For qualifying I put on new tyres £180, testing and racing I used 65 litres of fuel, £70, and also not necessary but bought 2 gopros with a wired in system to switch on, one camera forward and one back,, £430…

I qualified 4th .4 behind Sam Tordoff from the BTCC, with swifty quite a bit further ahead…

Race 1 I came second holding off an ever persistent Mr Tordoff certainly a career high. I dont know another clubman championship where we get the opportunity do do that- rub shoulders with Current Touring Car drivers.
Race 2 I started 9th (reverse grid) and after gaining a few places I made a silly mistake and had a spin, it took me an age to start the car, and way back in last I caught and past a few to get nine points…

So costings, van fuel £130, race fuel £70, new tyres £180, testing £165, and race entry £265
Totalling £810

So on a meagre budget I am still second in the championship and have to say it’s a great championship to be racing in, value for money at club level it has to be the best…