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So tonight was the first of many to come the big strip has begun.

The Donor car, incidentally, is a 2008 FN2 in black, with 70,000 miles. It had been in a cat C bump so had some creasing in the rear boot floor and a rreasonably well done repair on the passenger rear quarter. For a road car perhaps a bit tatty, but for a race car- absolutely fine. We purchased the car for £3750.

On with the strip- firstly, we disconnect and remove the battery- i dont fancy any airbags blownig my fingers off tonight..

Boot plastics stripped first, then rear seats, front seats.

Rear door cards, boot plastics, and seatbelts, then front door cards.

Because we will be doing away with the electric windows and glass, the doors are stripped completely- ready for cutting out. Keep all door and boot seals- for the little weight they will cost, they keep the car dry in wet races and therefore are worth their 1kg or so combined weight. Also keep the door catch mechanisms- we can slim these down later before refitting.

Next, remove the centre console and lower dash, then carpet. The easiest way to do this is to make two cuts under where the centre console sat where the carpet goes around the base stays of the dash. This way it can be pulled out in a single piece and then sold off to bring some cash back for the build. 

Now we can, for the first time, get a look at the naked interior of the FN2, and make some plans on what stays and what goes. The rear quarters will be cut out- to save weight and also give better access to rear quarters for any damage repair. The boot will be single skinned, along with doors as previously mentioned. All unused internal brackets will be removed. We need to figure out where/ how the seat mounts will be placed- the tank being under the middle of the floor presents a far less simple blank canvas than the beautifully flat floored EP3.

Wiring loom is disconnected and removed back to the dash.

Handbrake removed topside. 

Other observations- sound deadening- loads of it.. We will try a few methods of removal later on and feed back which were the most effective removal methods. 

Also, because we will be building a lightweight wiring loom, the entire OEM loom will be removed, intact, to enable harvesting of any required connectors, etc. 

Parts harvested for resale:

Seats, carpet, doorcards, window regulators, parcel shelf- £590

Next session plans- headlining, upper dash and loom, heater matrix, and remainder or behind dash.

Hours Spent Today- 4

Hours Spent Total-  4   

Total Spent-           £3750 (donor car)

Total back-             £  590

Net Cost-               £3160