When it comes to building a race car- whatever the championship- it is sometimes difficult to weight up which parts, prep, and modifications are beneficial and which are not.

None more so than the Civic Cup.

Being such a tightly controlled Championship, yet being so high in driver calibre, its essential to eek out every bit of performance possible. The great thing about the Civic Cup is that after a base pack of bolt on parts, the majority of performance gains are to be found in two areas- chassis tuning and driver development- not by excessive spending.

So over the next few months we will be undertaking build diaries of a range of civics, eligible to drive in the championship, addressing some of the inherent issues when building a race car- weight reduction, chassis rigidity, power creation and delivery, and chassis dynamics. We will detail the cost, required tools, time taken and ultimately the benefit to you, the driver.

Then, once the build diary is complete, we will be addressing wet and dry baseline setups, corner weighting and its massive importance in a race car, ongoing maintenance and preventative maintenance, and preparing for the race weekend.

The first car in line for this treatment is the FN2.

Being the newer of the eligible class B 2000cc cars, the FN2 has not historically been as popular as the older eligible model- the EP3. This has primarily been due to cost, but over recent months the used value has dropped to a level where costs are almost comparable. 

So over the following weeks we will strip, and prepare an FN2 race car, which will then be run in the Championship.

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